AMD-64 optimizations, some (new) code

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Mon Sep 26 19:00:36 CEST 2005

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  Now, to sort this out, I also attached 3 different runs of
  'speed' with mpn_mul_1.1. 50-50k in 10 steps, 600-1200 in 10
  steps (this is the range where the fastest timings are found) and
  600-1200 in 25 steps (just to put the previous number in
  prespective and see the overall graph which is identical in the 3
  runs.) I dared send other runs, since the data is really very
  consistent, but I guess these would do. You can check out the
  data, and see the comman-line parammeters passed to 'speed'. Hope
  it helps you.
OK, I think we've nailed it now.  I guess you're using "speed
-CD" and assume the smallest numbers represent the speed of the
loop.  That's not right.  Get rid of the D flags to see actual


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