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Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Wed Sep 14 00:35:54 CEST 2005

On 13 Sep 2005, at 10:08, Paul Leyland wrote:

>> The first thing to note is that the position varies by jurisdiction.
>> However, most countries have signed up to the Geneva Convention  
>> and so
>> the legal regimes are broadly similar in much of the world.

Local copyright laws and the copyright treaty
may differ considerably. Therefore, similar situations could in the  
case of patents.

> Addendum: The position also varies by geographical location if the
> inventors have not filed their patents in particular jurisdictions.  A
> well-known historical example is RSA public key cryptography, patented
> only in the USA.  That particular patent has expired and anyone is  
> free
> to make, distribute and use the invention.

I could be that algorithms are not patentable everywhere (I do not  
know). Scientific results are normally not patentable.

   Hans Aberg

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