GMP 4.1.4 on MinGW (Wintersteiger)

Christoph M. Wintersteiger christoph at
Sat Sep 10 18:52:51 CEST 2005

Thank you very much for your reply, I didn't stumble across the note 
saying that gcc 3.4.2 isn't reliable enough, but I surely will try to 
downgrade to 3.3 and see what that does.

And yes, I did mispaste the configure command, of course I'm building 
with --disable-static and --enable-shared, after all I want a DLL in 
the end :) I did have a look at the PE structure and the DLL did look 
quite okay, of course I can't tell if all the segment pointers where 
correct and such, but at least the symbol names and such could be 
extracted without a problem. Linking to that DLL worked too, just the 
application wouldn't run then.

Anyways, thanks a lot and I'll post a success or failure note soon!


At 10.09.2005  18:33, you wrote:
>I'm not clear as to what you are building - you refer to DLL's, but 
>the build command that you have given is not for a dll, it's for a 
>static library.
>The message "The app could not be initialised" usually indicates 
>that the Win32 EXE file is either corrupt or has been linked 
>incorrectly. There are various tools that can examine the contents 
>and structure of Win PE's (portable executable files, ie exe's and dll's).
>Regarding gcc 3.4.2, I read at the gmp home page that this version 
>of gcc was not regarded  as being reliable, and it recommended 
>building gmp with gcc 3.3.x.
>So when I built my Win DLL for GMP 4.1.4,  I didn't even try with 
>gcc 3.4.2, I got a gcc 3.3.2 version and used that, and had no 
>problems with that, using MinGw/MSys 1.0.10
>Unless you have a special reason for wanting a static library, 
>perhaps you might try doing a shared build (--disable-static 
>--enable-shared) instead - see if you that works - dll problems are 
>easier to identify than static lib problems.
>Jim White
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