using mpn_preinv_divrem_1

Ashod Nakashian saghmos at
Thu Sep 1 09:31:02 CEST 2005


I've been reading the mpf_div_ui() code and was surprised to find out 
that even though tune was enabling preinv division, the code was NOT 
using the mpn_preinv_divrem_1 function.

I thought may be I could modify it to see if I could get any speed out 
of it. Unfortunately, I failed.

As I understand it, mpn_preinv_divrem_1 will multiply by (1/x << 
shift_bits) -the preinv value- then do a (>> shift_bits) on the result. 
Obviously this assumes an intermediate value that has twice the bits of 
a single limb. I've tried this and it failed. I tried reading the code 
and looking for examples, but the clues didn't help either.

What I don't understand is, for example, why in get_str.c the 
pre-computed tables of base 10 has an inverted-base value that is NOT 
(1/<divisor> << normalization_shift). In fact I don't know how the 
numbers in the pre-computed base-tables were calculated.

Since mpn_preinv_divrem_1 is only used by get_str, should I assume that 
it doesn't offer much benefit over mpn_divrem_1? Or is it not finalized?

Any comments will help.

Thanks in advance,

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