AMD-64 optimizations, some (new) code

Ashod Nakashian saghmos at
Sat Oct 1 04:29:50 CEST 2005

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> Torbjorn Granlund <tege at> writes:
> | Ashod Nakashian <saghmos at> writes:
> | 
> |   If I had more disk space, I'd have compiled and installed gcc 4.0.1 (I
> |   currently use 3.3.3 and I have hit more than one problem with the
> |   generated code!)
> | 
> | I think you'll find that gcc 4.0.1 is a lot worse than 3.3.3.  It
> | might be safer to upgrade to 3.3.6 (or whatever is the latest 3.3
> | release).
> 3.3.6 is the latest release I made for the 3.3.x series.

I know we are already OT here, but...

Code-generation correctness wise, which GCC version is the most stable 
one? What about ld (the linker) and the rest of binutils, are they also 
affected by the changes in 4.x? I know they try to keep the 
compiler|linker separating walls thick most of the time, but I can think 
of scenarios where they must coop.

As I expect it to be 3.3.x, downgrading from 4.x, what features will I 
lose (I know speed for one)?

I'm interested to hear as many opinions as possible.


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