primality test

Jens Hillenbach jhillenbach at
Wed May 18 18:20:01 CEST 2005

Hi everybody,

I need a deterministic test which decides wether a number is prime or
not. Unlike the Miller-Rabin-Version which is used by GMP's
mpz_probab_prime_p (mpz_t n, int reps), I need it really to be
deterministic. Do you know examples, where Miller-Rabin fails? Which
test do you use? 
I read somewhere there is one test which has polynomical complexity.
Has someone implemented this Agarwal-Kayal-Saxena Primality Test with
GMP and is willing to share it? 
Or is it better to use Elliptic Curve Primality Proving? Where do I
obtain the algorithm or even source?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance, bye, Jens

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