64-bit GMP on Apple G5/OS X v10.4 (Rev 1)

pbmcl at netscape.net pbmcl at netscape.net
Sun May 8 08:16:34 CEST 2005

Mark Rodenkirch <mgrogue at wi.rr.com> wrote:

>I've looked at your changes and I think there are ways to simplify  
>this significantly.  So if you want a rev 2, here are some ideas.

Nice work! I could never figure out how to get the compiler to set the machine mode to 64 bits for .asm files. (But I was working with pre-release versions of gcc4, which were pretty awful at the beginning. Once the C code started to work, I just used that.)

>You change to config.guess is fine, but you can make this change to  
>configure.in to set the compile flags and directory.
>     case $host in
>       powerpc970-*-darwin8*)
>         gcc_cflags="-g -O2 -m64 -mpowerpc"
>         gcc_cflags_optlist="asm precomp cpu"
>         path="powerpc64" ;;
>       *)
>         case $host_cpu in
>           powerpc740 | powerpc750 | powerpc7400 | powerpc970)
>             path="powerpc32/750 powerpc32" ;;
>           *)
>             path="powerpc32" ;;
>         esac
>     esac
>and the
>  powerpc970)   gcc_cflags_cpu="-mcpu=G5" ;;
>The only other change is that the sources in powerpc64 that use a '#'  
>for a comment must be change to use 'C' instead.  This would be  
>consistent with the other powerpc asm source files in that  

Did you keep the other file patches?

>These changes should be easier for the GMP team to incorporate.

Soon, we hope! :-)


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