Mersenne Numbers

Hans Aberg haberg at
Fri Jun 3 15:53:39 CEST 2005

At 15:22 +0200 2005/06/03, Alexander Kruppa wrote:
>I don't think an implementation of the LL test with a given 
>multiple-precision libaray qualifies as a new development to be 
>posted in a .research group.

The requirement for computer software announcements to 
sci.math.research is, or used to be, only that it is of interest to 
research mathematicians, not that it constitutes a research 
development in itself. Of course, I do not know if it is to be 
considered of interest to research mathematicians by the moderators; 
only they know. It is just something that comes to my mind as a 
possibility. First try sci.math, which is quicker; there are many 
good pro's hanging out there.
   Hans Aberg

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