Openssl pierluigi.zaccone1 at
Wed Jul 13 13:36:46 CEST 2005

In the 0.9.8 openssl change log you can read:

Added an ENGINE that implements RSA by performing private key
     exponentiations with the GMP library. The conversions to and from
     GMP's mpz_t format aren't optimised nor are any montgomery forms
     cached, and on x86 it appears OpenSSL's own performance has caught
     However there are likely to be other architectures where GMP could
     provide a boost. This ENGINE is not built in by default, but it can
     specified at Configure time and should be accompanied by the necessary
     linker additions, eg;
         ./config -DOPENSSL_USE_GMP -lgmp
     [Geoff Thorpe]

Unfortunately build of openssl with VC-WIN32 batch file together with --enable
GMP option for Perl Configure does not work fine.

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