C/C++ interpreter Ch binding to GMP

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Fri Jul 1 19:19:48 CEST 2005

At 16:05 -0700 2005/06/30, Peter Wu wrote:
>Not sure if it is the right place to ask the ch gmp binding quesiton?
>We provides free C/C++ interpreter Ch runing across windows, unix, freebsd
>and mac os x.
>If creating Ch GMP interface, is it possible to bundle the
>Ch GMP binding source to distribute along with GMP?
>With Ch GMP binding, all GMP functions can run across platform without
>compilatin. Since Ch sdk is free, the ch gmp binding source code
>is supposed to be able to compile and work with
>any new release of gmp, without modification.

The standard GNU copyright admits a source to be run and called from 
non-free and/or non-open programs (details spelled out in the 
copyright) as a program, but not as a DLL. The lesser GNU licence, 
used for C libraries and the like, admits one to integrate library 
code into non-free and/or non-open programs.

So if GMP uses the lesser GNU copyright, the answer is yes. If GMP 
uses the standard GNU copyright, the answer depends on what 
conditions your sources are distributed under, and whether GMP is 
called as a program or a DLL.
   Hans Aberg

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