GMP, Windows 98, Windows XP

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Mon Jan 31 19:36:06 CET 2005

"jojo 29" <jojo29118 at> writes:

  Thanks Torbjorn Granlund, but if I use only Visual Studio C++ 6.0 and ".exe"
  files, executing times are similar too ? (I don't know how to manipulate
  ".asm" files...)

There are no .exe files distributed with GMP.

  So, using only VSC++ and exe files, is there a big difference ? You said no
  "because the bulk of the calculations are done in asm". But maybe threads
  are not managed on Windows 98 like on Windows XP? maybe the structure of
  Windows 98 is naturelly lower than the one of Windows XP... ?
If you read what I wrote in my last reply, and determine if
your config  picks up the asm files, you should be able to


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