The fastest function to write a mpz number in a .txt file

jojo 29 jojo29118 at
Sat Feb 5 19:53:56 CET 2005

I've read this manual. But, English is not my native language so it is not 
really easy for me... and some times, I need many explications (many points 
of view) to understand. Then, in this manual, there is not a lot of "source 
codes - examples". That's why I ask if someone could be nice enough to post 
a little source code which writes a mpz number in a txt file. Or to explain 
me how to use the mpz_out_str function.

If everybody is really busy, I'll find by myself but I could save a few 


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>"jojo 29" <jojo29118 at> writes:
>   I would like to write a mpz number in a .txt file (or a .doc file). What 
>   the fastest function to do this? Could you post a little example source 
>   (for beginners like me)?
>There is a very useful document included with GMP that answers
>this and many other GMP-related questions: The GMP manual.
>(It is available online too:

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