Trouble linking to libgmp.dll.a in cygwin

Thomas Xkey xkey at
Wed Feb 2 03:46:33 CET 2005


I have had no problem building, linking to and using a static
build of gmp 4.1.4 in cygwin [gcc 3.4.1-1 etc blah blah blah].
I am having a heck of a time trying to link to a non-static
shared build [ ./configure --disable-static --enable-shared ].
Obviously it is mostly a unix issue for me but so far I have been
unable to build NTL [vers 5.3.2] to use the shared dynamic
version of gmp [libgmp.dll.a]
Can anyone shed some light on any tidbits I may be overlooking
w.r.t gcc link flags?

Also any 'standard' thoughts on keeping the gmp.h issues sane as
it seems a macro or two are different and so i stuffed the gmp.h
associated with the static non-shared lib in its own dir and just
deal with that issue in my makefiles but it seems so kludgy.  Im'
out of date on my linux base standards and what the preferred way
of handling such a kludgy situation is with having 2 versions of
an include file both versions of the lib need. Seems like it is
stupid to have one make install step on the others toes...

Really hopeful someone can help me link to libgmp.dll.a so I can
get my code up and running b4 my lil vacation to the operating
room this weekend *chuckle* [after which i'm sure ill be reading
through all the fascinating ins & outs of linking, loading, and
GOT tables]

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