64bit G5 build

Alex Greenbank alex at greenbank.org
Fri Dec 30 12:45:19 CET 2005

Blake Huff wrote:
>Hi all:
> I'm trying to get a G5 to configure with 64 bit limbs instead
> of 32, but every time I run "configure guess" it fails to
> recognize the system, and will configure for a generic
> powerpc32 build. Any thoughts on how to get a 64 bit build?
> I'm working with a Apple G5 with Darwin 8.2.0, gcc 4.0.0, and
> OS 10.4.2.

Download the attachment from this posting (the attachment is
at the bottom of the page).


You might need to change some register names to get it to
compile, give it a whirl and come back with any questions.

The above was all I needed to get a 64-bit library built on
OSX 10.4 with gcc 4.0.0 on a G5.



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