mpz_out_str seg fault with large number = bug? viny at
Thu Aug 4 02:56:07 CEST 2005

>  Is there any documentation about the admisible range of those functions?
>Please see


After checking the FAQ, I hit the following sentence in the future releases

"Support at the mpn and mpz levels for operands of up to 2^56 bits (on 64-bit
machines). Current limits are: on 32-bit machines, 2^31 bits; on 64-bit machines,
2^37 bits". 

Mine is a 32 bit, so the mpz_fac_ui should work fine up to 2^31 aprox 10^9
which is greater than 10^7.
And my problem happens at 10^7 for mpz_fac_ui while for mpz_out_str it seg
faulted with 10^6.

Thanks for the quick answer.

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