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Mon Aug 1 18:44:55 CEST 2005

PP>>  Which functions did you use?
PP>>  What do you mean by "MPFR doesn't fit my problem"?
PP>>  In my own benchs, MPFR is as fast as MPF. It evens beat MPF in some.

> I generate three mpf(r)_t variables, do some 'random' operations on them and
> read out the interval time counter of my Itanium2. Then I compare the average
> computation time for the three blocks: initializations, set doubles and the
> multiplications/additions.

> The initialization is quite identically fast (about 727 clocks), the setting
> of the double-values is about 94 (mpfr) to 1059 (gmp) clocks and the
> operations about 1430 to 5600.

> In the attachment there is an extract of my sourcecode.

Sorry, forgot the attachment.
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