div.c and other questions

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I inserted the code snip into a different project with different
headers,compiler settings, etc. and got this message:

error C2513: 'int' : no variable declared before '='

I've done some research and this problem has popped up before on at least
one other project and they just patched their code.

Other compilers besides MSVC recognize these non-ANSI extensions:

There's even a GNU compiler for some platform claiming to recognize near and

It is a hold over from DOS, there's no reason for it, it doesn't apply to
x-86, etc.  Rather than lament the idiosyncrasies of MSVC, let's just agree
to change the variable name to whatever is appropriate and move on.


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Vincent Lefevre wrote:

> On 2004-09-28 13:50:28 +0200, Michel Bardiaux wrote:
>>Do you see any reason not to take this back to the list? If yes,
>>please forward this to the list.
> You sent me a private copy (I was the only one in the To|Cc headers).
> So, back to the lists...
>>* "near" and "far" have to be considered reserved as far as 'exported'
>>headers are concerned, since those headers might be included by
>>application code that also includes windows.h
>>* Why MSVC++ complains when compiling div.c is still mysterious; I cant
>>look into that without knowing exactly how the OP tried to compile.
> You could try on a simple example:
> int test(void)
> {
>   int near = 0;
>   return near;
> }
> (just compile it, do not link it). Then, you can try with various
> standard headers to see which one is the problem...
Well, since Brian tells us the problem is only with MSVC++6, there is no
point in my trying since I have only MSVC++7 here.

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