building gmp with MSYS and MinGW for VC++

Sisyphus kalinabears at
Sun May 9 14:14:39 CEST 2004

Radu Ursu wrote:

> I only link with gmp.lib. I let Microsoft Compiler to choose the default 
> wich is /ML(libc.lib). Microsoft tells people not to mix libc.lib with 
> msvcrt.lib because those could generate conflicts. 

Yes, there must be a better way. I don't know why I'm having to link to 
libc.lib and msvcrt.lib. I have a perl extension that wraps just about 
every mpfr function that's documented in ''. If I build that 
extension with VC 7 it's *not* necessary to specify those additional 
links to libc.lib and msvcrt.lib. Damned if I know what accounts for the 
difference :-)

I'll be interested to hear how you go about it if/when you start using 
the mpfr functions.


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