building gmp with MSYS and MinGW for VC++

Radu Ursu rursu at
Mon May 3 21:09:00 CEST 2004

I use MSYS and MinGW to build gmp. I have a couple questions if you are 
so kind to help me:

1) building like this
   ./configure --disable-static --enable-shared --enable-mpfr
   make install
I got the gmp.dll but the mpfr library comes as libmpfr.a. How should it 
be built to be used with VC++? Is it possible?

2) I would like to use the generic code because this will be distributed 
to run on different machines, so I have used --build=none or 
--host=none. So far so good but at the end I don't get any dll and I 
have used the --disable-static --enable-shared in configure.

3) Is it possible to build the dll with --enable-cxx? I have found 
something saying that it is not possible yet, but it will be in the future.

Best regards,

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