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Kevin Ryde user42 at
Fri Mar 19 23:42:54 CET 2004

"Rikard Nordgren" <rikard_nordgren at> writes:
> mpq_init_set_ui
> mpq_init_set_si
> mpq_init_set_str
> mpq_init_set_z
> mpq_init_set

I'm not sure mpq rates highly enough to worry about these.

> mpz_set_str2
> mpq_set_str2
> mpz_init_set_str2
> mpq_init_set_str2
> The set_str2 functions take a string and a length as arguments instead
> of a null terminated string.

This is of interest, but probably not called str2.  Maybe mem, except
that might suggest raw data.

> I also work on the mpz_scanx_reverse functions as proposed in the 'tasks'.
> When these functions are tested where should I send them?


> (in one file?)

One file per function.

Below is where I got to with a reverse scan.  It's never been tested
or run, I was working through how the various tricky cases for
negatives would look.

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