Regarding critical fft bug

Kate Minola kminola at
Tue Mar 2 10:39:34 CET 2004


> Kate Minola <kminola at> writes:
>   Two questions regarding the critical bug in FFT multiply
>   code and the recommendation that gmp be recompiled with
>   --disable-fft.
>   1. Is there a way to check if an installation of gmp has
>   been built with --disable-fft?
> You can use nm on the library file and look for the string "fft".

Err ... this does not seem to be working for me.  On
several different architectures that I have tried I keep
getting the same thing when I do

nm gmp-4.1.2/lib/libgmp.a | grep fft
nm gmp-4.1.2-nofft/lib/libgmp.a | grep fft

Normally I just do 'configure --disable-shared --prefix=...'.
then 'make', 'make check', and 'make install'.

To created the gmp-4.1.2-nofft version what I did was
'configure --disable-shared --disable-fft --prefix=...'.
then 'make', 'make check', and 'make install'.

What did I do wrong?

Kate Minola
Engineering Department
University of Maryland, College Park

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