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>From perspective of creating GMP/MPFR  CLI environment languages bindings
(.NET and Mono) read-only variable would be useless!
P/Invoke mechanism, which is used to call functions in libraries outside CLI
runtime, does not allow to retrieve any constants or global variables in a
way other than through calling functions.
So please keep it as the function and perhaps equivalent function could be
very useful for GMP consumers as well. It could be against all coding
practices from C/C++ world but owuld help pther worlds to interoperate!
Anyway it does not have any impact on library performance.


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Patrick Pelissier <Patrick.Pelissier at> writes:

  > GMP has the global constant 'gmp_version' which provides the GMP version
  > number. Is there a comparable constant with MPFR ? If not, how does one
  > determine the version of MPFR (from within a program) ?
   The CVS version has the function mpfr_version () which returns
  a constant string which is the version number at running time.

Why is it a function, and not a (read-only) variable as in GMP?

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