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Sisyphus kalinabears at
Mon Jul 12 15:05:21 CEST 2004

Patrick Pelissier wrote:
>>GMP has the global constant 'gmp_version' which provides the GMP version 
>>number. Is there a comparable constant with MPFR ? If not, how does one 
>>determine the version of MPFR (from within a program) ?
>  The CVS version has the function mpfr_version () which returns
> a constant string which is the version number at running time.
> It provides also the MPFR_VERSION macro which provides the
> version number at compiling time.
>  The current stable version of MPFR doesn't have theses features.
>  Do you need to know the version number at running time or at 
> compiling time?

I've written a perl interface to MPFR and was thinking that if the 
version number was accessible (at run-time) I'd include a perl function 
that returns it. I think it can wait until 'mpf_version()' makes it into 
the "current stable release".

Having the same info at compile-time would also be handy. If you try and 
build the perl interface against an older version of MPFR you'll 
possibly get compilation errors. In such cases it would be better to 
have the build process terminate with a message that a later version of 
MPFR was required, rather than have the process die with "undefined 
references" or whatever. Once again, I'll wait until the macro makes it 
into the current stable release. (I haven't actually checked the 
backward compatibility issue. Seems to me that there are possibly issues 
with '__gmpfr_default_rounding_mode' for one, which, I think might have 
had a different name until fairly recently .... but, like I say, I 
haven't checked)

Thanks Patrick (yet again :-)


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