New "feature" request

Kevin Ryde user42 at
Sun Feb 29 06:16:39 CET 2004

<librik at> writes:
> gmp_errno is set to
> GMP_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_ARGUMENT if an unrecognized string is
> passed.

No, a global variable to communicate information back is painful for
reentrancy and is not thread safe.  The present uses of that variable
are regrettable and will not be added to.  But no doubt some other
means would be possible.

> Although there are plans afoot for support of a "fat" GMP library,
> one strength of GMP as a free dynamic library is that multiple
> single-CPU DLLs can be present,

Just to be clear, a cpu-specific build will certainly still be
possible, in fact that will still be recommended for anyone who cares
about speed, since it lets gcc cpu-specifics get used.

> including a default i386 build

It will be "i386-*-*" which is the fat binary build.

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