Retrieve the logarithm of number in a specified base ?

Sisyphus kalinabears at
Mon Dec 6 05:48:11 CET 2004

Evadream wrote:
> RTFM ! :D
> Function: int mpfr_log (mpfr_t rop, mpfr_t op, mp_rnd_t rnd)
> Sorry, again.
> If you've got any suggestions, or another method to retrieve what i want :)
> Thanx !

If you need to get a base N logarithm of a number (where N is something 
other than 2, 10, or e) then you might want to make use of the following 
  (well known) relationship:

The base-N logarithm of a number is equal to the natural (base-e) log of 
that number, divided by the natural log of N.


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