gmp v2.0.2 and the current version

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Mon Dec 6 02:25:10 CET 2004

Hello Torbjorn,

Sunday, December 5, 2004, 4:46:02 PM, you wrote:
TG> mts.spb.suxx at writes:
TG>     I've got a program that was shiped with the gmp v2.0.2, I want to
TG>     update the gmp version to the current.
TG> As far as GMP compatibility is concerned, there should be no
TG> problems.
In the changelogs I read that v4.1.4 is "binary compatible" with all
the previous versions from v3.x.x and up. What does it mean ("binary
compatible")? Is it regarding the "shared libraries"? Why v2.x.x is
not mentioned there as "compatible"?

OK, I'll try re-linking the old program with the new gmp and see if it
works. When you say "there should be no problems" - do you mean that
all the API is still the same?

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