gmp v4.1.4 and QNX4 with Watcom C v10.7

mts.spb.suxx at mts.spb.suxx at
Mon Dec 6 01:58:33 CET 2004

Hello gmp-discuss,

  After few hours of struggling with my development tools I finally
  got the v4.1.4 libraries. (QNX4, Watcom C v10.7)
  All the tests PASS except the three in "./tests/misc", namely:

  I suppose they did fail because ./configure disliked my <stdio.h>
  and informed me that no "FILE" prototypes will be available. I had
  to hack "gmp-impl.h" back and forth during the compilation to get
  past "mpz_inp_str_nowhite __gmpz_inp_str_nowhite" type definition...

  How one can gracefully negotiate <stdio.h> with ./configure to avoid
  hacking "gmp-impl.h"? What may cause the problem there?

Best regards,
 AnthonyOZ        mailto:mts.spb.suxx at

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