gmp v2.0.2 and the current version

mts.spb.suxx at mts.spb.suxx at
Sun Dec 5 14:13:10 CET 2004

Hello gmp-discuss,

  I've got a program that was shiped with the gmp v2.0.2, I want to
  update the gmp version to the current.

  Is it possible to just compile gmp v4.1.4 and re-compile the program
  with the new libraries? (It is ssh-1.2.33 that is using gmp v2.0.2)
  Or - the library internals have had changed significantly since
  then and I'll have to hack into the program that uses gmp?

Best regards,
 AnthonyOZ                       mailto:mts.spb.suxx at

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