Help for building Win32 VC++ workspace for GMP4.1.3

Brian Gladman brg at
Mon Aug 16 13:34:19 CEST 2004

Jacek Blaszczynski wrote:
> Hello!
> Why not use other works which is already available. Please check Brian
> Gladman's port to Win32 using VS.NET 2003 which gives you static and shared
> libraries of gmp, gmpxx and static mpfr. I have done some work to get mpfr
> as dll and I plan to release it soon. Using it as a basis for your project
> would speed up your work - there are only minor fixes to make to convert
> VS.NET projects into VC++ 6.0 format.

I have just updated my project files to include converted VC6 build 
files (not tested). I have also added an MPFR DLL build but I have not 
tested the resulting DLL.

It would be useful to add the tests to these VC++ builds but this is 
somewhat messy to do.

    Brian Gladman

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