GMP on Pentium 2

Kevin Ryde user42 at
Wed Oct 22 11:06:33 CEST 2003

"delta trinity" <deltatrinity at> writes:
> Maybe something have been optimized in Athlon asm files and not done
> in P2 asm files.  Like if when compiling for P2, a generic Pentium 1
> file is used and when compiling for Athlin, it's using athlon-specific
> files.  Well, I can only guess... :)

There's no need to guess, the sources are all available :-).

In this case p6 uses the generic i386 code in mpn/x86/aors_n.asm, and
k7 has its own specific code.  As I said, p6 doesn't have specific
code because we hadn't yet found anything better.

The k7 has more loop unrolling for a start, which may be a help, but
we don't gratuitously increase code size for only small benefits.

P5 pentium is usually pretty different, so generally we don't use that
code on p6 etc without trying it first.

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