Opteron speed

Kevin Ryde user42 at zip.com.au
Sat Nov 15 07:02:59 CET 2003

gmp-list at daedalus-solutions.co.uk writes:
> I was just wondering if anyone had a (rough) ETA for a release with
> Opteron optimizations?

Perhaps a couple of months.

> The reason I ask is that we have a very intensive modelling program
> which we've just switched over to using GMP (rather than calls to
> sinl, sqrtl etc) and have noticed a *huge* speed decrease,

All the various overheads make a slowdown fairly inevitable on
smallish operands.  If you only need quads or something then there
might be a fixed-precision library that could go faster.

> presumably due to the fact that GMP is being built as "generic".

It won't be helping :).

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