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Mon, 19 May 03 13:25:13 GMT

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I think you answered my ad longtime ago if it was not you I am sorry. If i=
t was I could not answer you because my email program died and I could not=
 get it to work but my friend got the emails address out for me ..:) I hop=
e it was you and you are still interested, as I realize lots of time has p=
ast. I really don't know where to start .... Maybe you can tell me little =
more about yourself since I lost your first email , what you look like,age=
,and are you still looking ? If you are interested learning more about me,=
 I have a profile at :

I am NOT a Porn Chick ..:-)
I just chose it because you don't have to pay,
And they allow any pictures I want .:).
Oh yea , My username is Jamie4u .
Don't really know what else to say for now I hope this is the right addres=
s  . Let me know if you are interested, And I hope you don't run when you =
see my picture :-)

Bye ..... J