Online Floating Point Demo

Wed, 14 May 2003 22:05:01 -0700


I used GMP about 10 years ago to develop a pretty big application, and
recently I was looking for an online calculator that does arbitrary
precision floating point calculations, so naturally I thought to
check out GMP's web site.  I was happy to come across a link to an
online GMP calculator for integers (
This was the best online calculator I found.  It would be really
helpful if a floating-point version could be made available too (with
arbitrary precision, of course, or user-specified precision up to
some limit).  Is there any chance of that?  If not, does anyone have any
suggestions about where I might find such a thing?  I have a particular
calculation I want to do, I hate installing software on my machine just
to do a single calculation, and after looking for 1 hour I didn't find
any site that could handle it.  The computation is 1-(1-1/b)^n, where
b=2^160 and n=10^12.

I also have a suggestion about the web page -- you might change "Try
GMP!" to "Try GMP Online!" or something similar so that people realize
that they don't have to download anything to try out GMP.  Trying GMP
online is a really useful feature, so maybe it makes sense to give it
a more prominent place on the web page too.


P.S. Please reply to me personally at, as I am not
on subscribed to