precompiled GMP

Andreas Fabri
Tue, 13 May 2003 12:50:21 +0200


I work in a project where we want to ship precompiled GMP for the Windows platform.
I succesfully followed the "Notes for Particular Systems" in the manual, and I am
wondering  what is the advantage/disadvantage if one follows Brian Gladman's approach.
An obvious disadvantage is his porting of assember. Whenever the GMP project
makes a new release Brian's code has to be upgraded if necessary.

Another question:
The "Notes for Particular Systems" do not explain how to obtain a static gmp.lib
I mean a version that I compile with gcc (of mingw) and that links with cl.exe.

Finally, I am wondering, if precompiling is a good idea at all. Obviously it
is nice for the user not to first install cygwin or mingw, and not to spend
15 minutes on the installation.   But, do I have to use the generic implementations
of arithmetic operations, because if I precompile with the assembler routines
in mpn/x86/P6 it will not run on a k7  hardware and the other way round.
How much slower is the generic implementation?

Thanks in advance,