parallel programs with MPI and GMP

June Co.
Fri, 9 May 2003 17:38:58 +0900


Recently, I'm working to parallelize variable numerical algorithms
with MPI and GMP. The "MPIGMP" Library is produced and used in my works.
This library include basic functions in order to help us to develop
parallel programs with MPI 1.1 and GMP 4.1.x. It's can be downloaded from . The tarball
include two sample programs, "cpi-gmp.c" (modified "cpi.c" with mpf_t or 
mpfr_t)  and "test_mpzq.c" (parallel factorial and its inverse with mpz_t
and mpq_t).

In this mailling list, I've read some programs with MPI and GMP. These
motivate me to do it. Thansk!

Tomonori Kouya