i have a question about gmp_printf

MoZeS Rotgizer mzsrtgzr@hotmail.com
Sun, 22 Jun 2003 02:39:34 +0000

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<P>hey, i am a c++ programmer. I tried the GMP library and i'm very impresed..</P>
<P>but i tried the:</P><FONT face=CMTT10>
<P align=left>int </FONT><FONT face=CMBX10>gmp printf </FONT><FONT face=CMSS10 size=3>(</FONT><FONT face=CMTT10 size=3>const char *</FONT><FONT face=CMSLTT10 size=3>fmt</FONT><FONT face=CMTT10 size=3>, ...</FONT><FONT face=CMSS10 size=3>)</P>
<P></FONT>and the linux compiler gives this error message:</P>
<P>1.cpp:11: implicit declaration of function `int gmp_printf(...)'</P>
<P>and i wrote: </P>
<P>mpz_t r, n;<BR>mpz_init (r);<BR>mpz_init_set_ui(r,4);<BR>//gmp_printf ("%Zd\n", "j",r);<BR>gmp_printf ("%Z",r);<BR></P>
<P>just to try the code, not for something serious. </P>
<P>please tell me what the bug is, i'm helpless.</P>
<P>thanks... :)</P>
<P><STRONG>M.Rotgaizer </STRONG></P>
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