GMP and Win32

delta trinity
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 13:58:24 -0400

>Forgive me if I implied that deltatrinity's was the only source of a Win32
>port - I know you and others have done a lot of work in this area. What I
>meant was that it was the only source of downloadable GMP Win32 dll's.  I'm
>possibly the first Win32 "customer" for GMP who doesn't have any means of
>building it! I can't use your good work either because I don't have  VC7, 
>Eric's DLL's represent (I think!) my only access to GMP.

I'm sure that there are many Win32 'wanna-be' customers for GMP.  And 
probably many turn away because of the compiling complexity of GMP under 
Windows (remember that many Win32 users are accustomed to user-friendly 
environment and have limited knowledge of Unix-flavored platforms).  I too, 
a while ago, turned away at the challenge but one day, when I felt up to the 
challenge, it paid off to overcome it :)  I have to say that it's probably 
the fastest library I found so far!

Just a note, for the community, that I posted in another private mail, my 
ftp site is down for the moment.  It will be down for at least a month since 
I'm currently moving and temporary away from a cable connection (hello good 
o'le dial-up connection ;-) ).  But when I finally get to my new appartment, 
and get up cable connection, I should bring back my ftp server online.

aka DeltaTrinity

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