Kevin Ryde
Tue, 03 Jun 2003 08:24:48 +1000

"trabunix" <> writes:
> mpz_t  *arr;
> arr = (mpz_t *)malloc(sizeof(mpz_t)*Num);
> mpz_array_init(arr,Num,1024);
> warnig: passing arg 1 of ' __gmpz_array_init' from incompatible
> pointer type.

Hmm.  I think it's meant to be the first element.  Ie.

	mpz_array_init (arr[0], Num, 1024);
	mpz_array_init (*arr, Num, 1024);

Bit bizarre that.  Might have looked better back in the gmp 1 days
with MINT.  Probably should be made clearer in the docs.

For what it's worth mpz_array_init is a highly specialized function
and unless you need what it does then you'll be better off making your
own array and mpz_init'ing each element.