Vector Operations

Francois G. Dorais
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 14:58:57 -0400 (EDT)

I was wondering if there has ever been interest in adding optimized basic
vector operations to gmp. It seems to me that the performance of vector
operations on mp types could be greatly improved by low level
optimizations especially on vector and other parallel architectures.

Surely something like an optimized BLAS implementation for mpf/mpfr
would be interesting for those who use these types extensively. I for one
would appreciate similar routines for mpz and maybe mpq. A direct
translation of BLAS wouldn't be very appropriate for mpz and mpq since
since stability considerations are very different, but something very
similar would do.

However, it may be that the design of such optimized routines is not as
"straightforward" as for the basic types because of the greater variety of
architectural considerations to take care of? It could also be that such
extensions don't fit in the "spirit" of gmp for some reason or another?

In any case, I would like to hear what people have to say on the interest
and feasibility of such extensions to the gmp family.

F. G. Dorais