GMP Floating point design vs Fractal applications

Kevin Ryde
Thu, 03 Jul 2003 09:13:04 +1000

"White, Jim (ITD)" <> writes:
> Also, I can't build GMP myself - Unix isn't my "native"
> development environment at all (sorry!!!) on my PC, and
> although I have access to Unix Servers (Siemens/Reliant)
> at work, its "C" compiler isn't recognised by GMP's
> configure,

If it's a normal unix style cc then it ought to work.  Make a bug
report if you think it should.

> But perhaps there is a solution for me after all? I do
> have a stand-alone "C" compiler/linker for the PC (lcc-win32).

The mingw tools would be your best bet.  You might be able to do a
static build, and then put the mpfr/*.o objects into a dll.  Either
the mingw or microsoft tools ought to work for that, I forget the
exact commands.