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I downloaded the gnu mp package.
Note that I'm a windows user (windows 2000)

While reading documentation, I read that on windows systems, I should use
Unix-Like Tools to build gmp.h on, the only header needed to call gmp
functions (is it true?).
Then I decided to download it, but on the mingw site there are too packages
for download.
Since I had no idea, I downloaded the "mingw"  package, containing all the
packages at the latest release.
I installed mingw but I still don't know what I have to do.
I did not understand how can I should run "./configure" on my system.

The windows 'cmd.exe' (and '') shells do not understand
'./configure'. You need to run it in a shell that *does* understand. I used
MSYS (as others have done) - availbale from

With msys properly configured it was simply a matter of opening the msys
shell, cd'ing to the GMP source directory, and running
'./configure --disable-static --enable-shared' followed by 'make'.