gmp-discuss digest, Vol 1 #170 - 5 msgs

Paul Zimmermann
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 12:30:03 +0200

   I'd be grateful for input here, from those with knowledge of 
   the MPFR functions, regarding a reasonable guess for Q.

sqrt() has asymptotically the same cost O(M(n)) than multiplication, but all
other functions (exp, sin, cos, atn) have cost O(M(n) log(n)). You might find
on some old timings that give you
an idea of the ratio exp/mul for example. It is about 40 for 100-digit numbers.
We could improve that a lot, by using polynomial approximations for (fixed)
small sizes.

   So I have to wait for the MPFR module to be made available 
   via the GMP DLL itself (and I believe this is not possible
   at the moment), or as a separate library that calls 
   the GMP dll, but which can itself be easily built (i.e. so 
   I could build a MPFR dll, which would then call the GMP dll).

I have to say as a developer of mpfr I don't understand either 
why mpfr is not fully integrated into gmp... 

Paul Zimmermann