Mac OS 10.2.3

Niels Möller
30 Jan 2003 12:59:25 +0100

lezniak <> writes:

> My name is Jeremy Lezniak and I'm emailing you because I'm having
> difficulties installing GMP 4.1.2 on my mac (OS 10.2.3). When I try
> running the sample program through the complains that
> it can't find -lgmp. I'm not too familiar with UNIX (I'm a
> mathematics student...not a computer science student) and would like
> as much help as I can get.

It's good practice to include a complete sample program when you
report problems, like you did, but it would probably help if you also
include the exact command you used to compile the sample program, and
the exact error messages.

> I don't know if this helps...but I saved the output of the installation 
>'s the 
> URL if you think it'll help:

Hmm, did you ever run "make install"?