Shared libraries

delta trinity
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 20:11:25 -0500


I saw a lot of people asking for native windows pre-compiled library of GMP.

I've took the liberty of compiling GMP as native windows shared library 
(DLL) optimized for different x86 processors.

My goal is just to help other peoples getting into GMP without all the mess 
of reading, understanding, figuring out and most importantly successfully 
compiling GMP to be able to use it with their favorite compilers, as a 
simple native Windows DLL.

I didn't had any good place to put them so I've put them on my FTP server.  
Please tell me if anything is missing (I didn't put any MSVC or Borland 

I'm putting this there as cheer-ware!  That is, if you find it usefull, feel 
free (up to you) to cheer me up :-) for the hard work!

My server should be up at (standard FTP server, 
standard port 21, standard anonymous user)!  Should be up most of the time.  
Sorry, I don't have an HTTP (web) server with cute pages and graphics but 
FTP should do ;-).

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