How to compile gmp for arm?

Kevin Ryde
Thu, 09 Jan 2003 05:53:46 +1000

yan xinbo <> writes:
> armv4b-unknown-linux-gcc -shared  .libs/assert.o

Looks like libtool has rather rudely stripped -mbig-endian there.  If
it makes a difference you might need to hide that in a script (see
"Compiler link options" in the "Known Build Problems" section of the
gmp manual).

> /usr/local/armbe/armv4b-unknown-linux/lib/
> could not read symbols: Invalid operation

Strange, dunno what that means.

You might have to start by seeing if it can create a shared library
out of an object like foo.o at all,

	armv4b-unknown-linux-gcc -shared foo.o -o

To get something working perhaps configure gmp with --disable-shared
to use only plain libgmp.a.