How to compile gmp for arm?

yan xinbo
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 16:51:32 +0800 (CST)

I use configure command :
  ./configure --host=i386 --build=armv4b-unknown-linux
CC=armv4b-unknown-linux-gcc \
      CFLAGS=-mbig-endian AS=armv4b-unknown-linux-as
AR=armv4b-unknown-linux-ar LD=armv4b-unknown-linux-ld
and it ran successfully.
But when i cross compile gmp 4.0 on rh 7.2 for arm ,
some errors result.

tmp-udiv.s: Assembler messages:
tmp-udiv.s:50: Error: bad instruction 'movl
tmp-udiv.s:51: Error: bad instruction 'movl
tmp-udiv.s:52: Error: bad instruction 'divl 16(%esp)'
tmp-udiv.s:53: Error: bad instruction 'movl
tmp-udiv.s:54: Error: bad instruction 'movl
tmp-udiv.s:55: Error: bad instruction 'ret'

Is there anything wrong or need any arguments else in
my configure command ? 
And how to deal with the assembler ?

Thx a lot.


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