macos help

delta trinity
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 14:27:35 -0500

>I've just fixed it: the configure script didn't include the whole printf
>folder and some files from the root, like tal-notreent.c and others. I
>also had some problems with a function calling memset, don't know why (it
>all looked alright), so I had to write my own version (actually a copy of
>the original memset) and include it.
>It compiled just fine after that, the test file isprime.c compiled and ran
>with no problems :)
>Now I can start concentrating on my project :)

If you think that there's a 'bug' there in the GMP configure script, I would 
strongly advise writing a report to gmp-bug mailing list, including

- The OS you're trying to compule under
- The switches you're using for the configure script
- The compiler you're using for configure and compile
- The bug itself
- The expected result
- The way you modified any files to make GMP successfully compilable

This way, this would greatly help others trying to compile under the same 
setup and for GMP authors to correct the bug :)


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