macos help

Rolando Abarca (aka funkaster)
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 00:23:30 -0300 (CLST)

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003, delta trinity wrote:

> Can it be possible that this dot in the unresolved symbols have someething
> to do with the error?

I've just fixed it: the configure script didn't include the whole printf
folder and some files from the root, like tal-notreent.c and others. I
also had some problems with a function calling memset, don't know why (it
all looked alright), so I had to write my own version (actually a copy of
the original memset) and include it.
It compiled just fine after that, the test file isprime.c compiled and ran
with no problems :)
Now I can start concentrating on my project :)

#include <stdio.h> /*  square root by Newton's zero-finder method   */
#include <float.h> /*  by Rolando Abarca  rabarca at  */
int main(int c, char* v[]){if (c==2){long d=atol(v[1]);double r1,r2=0;
double E=DBL_MIN;for(r1=(1+d)/2;((r1-r2>0)?r1-r2:r2-r1)>E;){r2=r1;r1=(
r2+d/r2)/2;}printf("%.15f\n",r1);}else printf(" usage: fsqrt <n>\n");}