Informal GMP usage and coding help forum.

Ernst Berg ernst_berg at
Sat Dec 13 01:03:49 CET 2003

 As many people know new and unknowing persons can ask
the same questions over and over causeing distress to
the folks who read a newsgroup.
 My experience of late with GMP, as a new person,
caused some friction.  Allow me to explain my

 I asked about GMP in the comp.lang.c newsgroup and
was told I was off topic. 
 I the Gmp forum I experienced mixed reactions. 

 I did not know this wasn't a usage forum and chat.  I
am sorry.

 Perhaps a "chat type, usage and related babble Forum"
might work.

 If it is a searchable database then I might have
found  how to import a file as a number without

 Anyway, again, I didn't know this wasn't a chat

Thank you for your time.


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