Reading a file in as a number.

Ernst Berg ernst_berg at
Thu Dec 11 02:19:09 CET 2003


 C programming is my hobby and I must admit I am still
 I'm the kind of programmer that doesn't look too deep
into how a function works and often I use examples to
aid me in writing programs. 
  I need to understand how I would load a file into a
number in gmp.  I figure I would, maybe, use the
Function: size_t mpz_inp_str (mpz_t rop, FILE *stream,
int base).
 My request is to see an example of how to read in a
binary file into a gmp variable such as type mpz_t.  
 If you can share an example of reading a plain binary
file into a variable such as mpz_t I thank you.

 If there is a web site or a FAQ I should read please
tell me as well. 

My Email is ernst_berg at

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